Carbide Cutting Inserts and Holders

Application and Products



The ISO turning range with innovative cutting grades and modern geometries turns our customers' cost spiral downward. Bohler Sert Maden offers the optimum indexable inserts for every turning application, e.g. for steel, cast and aluminium machining and the cutting of super alloys with difficult chip formation. Customer-specific solutions complete the wide range of ISO turning solutions.




In addition to the standard ISO indexable inserts for milling, Böhler Sert Maden develops and produce special inserts together with its customers. With CVD coating unit and PVD coating sources Bohler is able to produce numerous grades with the highest quality. 

For ISO indexable inserts for milling and tools please see catalogue "ISO indexable inserts and tools for milling"


Steel Mill Industry


Bohler Sert Maden is one and only carbide producers in Turkey since 1967. Böhler has put its outstanding expertise to the production of carbides and highly specialised tools for metallurgical applications. Böhler is dedicated to innovation, ongoing development and improvement of quality and know-how, while at the same time treasuring its long-standing tradition in the metallurgical industry. 

Some of the focal areas in metallurgical applications are 

• Bar peeling 
• Pipe and sheet metal machining 
• Heavy-duty cutting 

In addition to its standards based products, BÖHLER SERT MADEN being a mid-size firm, has the flexibility of providing custom solutions to its customers quickly and economically.


Crankshaft and camshaft machining 


Boehlerit is one of the world's three biggest manufacturers of tools and cutting grades for the machining of crankshafts and camshafts. Many car manufacturers take advantage of the know-how of Boehlerit's crankshaft experts. With its high engineering expertise, metallurgical flexibility of cutting grades and economic tool solutions, Boehlerit is proud to be main supplier of crankshaft machining solutions for several car manufacturers.